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Irvine, California
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As seen on Shark Tank! Ninja Cards is the first and only card throwing game in the world!  After being featured on Shark Tank, the game has taken the nation by storm! Ninja Cards was developed by two friends in Southern California after throwing hotel key cards at bottles in their hotel room.  The game comes with a target board and 15 pack of Ninja Cards. You can play games like "Around the World", "Horse", "21" or even make up your own game, the possibilities are endless! This game is rated for ages 12 and up. Don't forget to watch Ninja Cards on Shark Tank this Friday on ABC at 9/8c!


Wholesale. 24x24in Complete Game. 2 Cases.

Ninja Cards Complete Game.jpg
Ninja Cards Complete Game.jpg

Wholesale. 24x24in Complete Game. 2 Cases.


Minimum wholesale purchase of 2 cases. Each case includes 23 units at $18/unit. Each unit comes with a pack of 15 Ninja Cards, and a hook for hanging the board. There is no packaging for this product. Both the target board and the throwing cards come in separate clear plastic bags. The packs of cards ship in a different box. The target board is fragile, and can break easily. Handle with care. 

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