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Ninja Cards in 2017 – Life After Shark Tank

Ken and Dustin spoke after their shark tank appearance and explained that they hadn’t pursued another licensing deal as vigorously as the sharks believed they should have done, mainly because they had further design ambitions on the product itself and felt it could be improved further before manufacturing recommenced.

The lack of interest from the sharks wasn’t shared by all of the viewers of the show, within 48 hours of the program airing, the Ninja Cards website had over a million hits. The 400 units the business had in stock were snapped up and thousands more were ordered. The attention brought more useful contacts to the pair too, with several interested potential investors approaching them.

The Ninja Card Company of Ken Haton and Dustin Berk may have failed to have hit the target when it was pitched to the sharks but they may not have missed a popular and profitable opportunity in this case. The enthusiasm that the entrepreneurial duo showed for their made-up game, created solely to relieve boredom, seems to be shared by plenty of others. Whether or not they are real ninjas, Ken and Dustin might make a killing with their unique and innovative card-throwing game yet.

Development of 2.0

After Shark Tank Dustin and Ken immediately started on their journey to develop the game as they initially envisioned it. An indestructible game that would bring joy to kids and adults alike for hours on end. This new construction would not be an easy task as sourcing materials, and the engeneering for this game presented itself a difficult task. Finally version 2.0 is ready.

Stay tuned for a big announcement coming soon!

Courtesy of: Gazette Review- Read full article here.