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As seen on Shark Tank! Ninja Cards is the first and only card throwing game in the world!  After being featured on Shark Tank, the game has taken the nation by storm! Ninja Cards was developed by two friends in Southern California after throwing hotel key cards at bottles in their hotel room.  The game comes with a target board and 15 pack of Ninja Cards. You can play games like "Around the World", "Horse", "21" or even make up your own game, the possibilities are endless! This game is rated for ages 12 and up. Don't forget to watch Ninja Cards on Shark Tank this Friday on ABC at 9/8c!

Buy Ninja Cards from Shark Tank | Buy Card Throwing Game

Buy Ninja Cards Card Throwing Game from Shark Tank!

Buy Ninja Cards Card Throwing Game from Shark Tank!

Buy Ninja Cards Card Throwing Game!

Well we all saw this awesome preview of the game Ninja Cards air on Shark Tank!  Now we want you to buy our Ninja Cards Game!  Go to our Ninja Cards Store and buy the game and start practicing!  Ninja Cards is looking for you, the next competitive card thrower to join our tournaments where you can win cash prizes!  You can buy several types of our Ninja Cards game, we sell our standard 24X24 Ninja Cards Card Throwing Game, as well as our special Jumbo Ninja Cards Card Throwing Game that you can buy which is 4ftX5ft. 

Basically Ninja Cards is looking for you to go buy our game and start practicing your card throwing skills!  We want you to go find us on our social media after you buy our Ninja Cards Card Throwing Game and post videos of you playing our game to our instagram, twitter, and facebook.  From there we will be looking for the best Ninja Cards card throwing videos and select winners at random.  After buying our game and posting your videos you may be selected to win prizes like an X-Box, Free Ninja Cards Card Throwing Game, a deck of Ninja Cards and more!

So, make sure you go into our Ninja Cards Store and buy the game!  We're looking for you to compete in our Ninja Cards Tournaments!  Also, don't forget to go to the tournaments page and register for our awesome Ninja Cards Card Throwing Newsletter which will be sent out every month after you buy our game!  We can't wait to see all the videos you come up with!  Don't forget to buy a Ninja Cards T-Shirt along with our game to show us how big of a Ninja Cards Card Throwing Fan you really are!  

Release your inner ninja, with Ninja Cards!


Much love,

The Ninja Guys


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