Attribute Card Codes

Diligence: a0111rv

The Ninja never lets his guard down. He is extremely careful, yet creative, with his techniques and methods.

Bravery: a0109rv             

This Ninja knows no fear. Need someone for an extremely death-defying mission? He is your man.  

Responsibility: n0124cv

His reliability is well-appreciated by everyone.  He always fulfills his duties and follows all orders given to him.  

Confidence:  a0110rv     

This Ninja never doubts his judgment. His confidence boosts the morale of every fellow Ninja.

Trust: n0125cv                 

You can trust him with any of your secrets. Share anything with him and you will never hear a word of it again.  

Discipline:  a0112rv       

Discipline is very crucial for this Ninja. He is always on time with his missions and follows strict protocols.

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