Color Card Codes

Yellow: n0150cc

The Ninja uses his Yellow Sword to fight evil.  

Grey: a0123rc

The Grey Ninja is a Bojutsu expert. His skill with the staff and stick is unmatched. 

Pink: n0147cc           

The pink Ninja has got the best brains out there. His creative tactics can make any tough mission look like a piece of cake. 

Orange: n0146cc     

The Orange Ninja specializes in unarmed combat, i:e Taijutsu. He can fight off the evilest of villains, without the use of any weapons.  

Red: n0149cc            

The Red Ninja uses his traditional, Japanese Kusarigama to hunt down the forces of evil. 

Purple: n0148cc       

No one knows the earth better than the Purple Ninja. He is a Chi-mon master and holds information about places that no one else knows.  


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