Gear Card Codes

Nunchucks: a0122rg      

He can make his enemies see stars in the day, with a single blow of his Nunchucks. He maneuvers his weapon with matchless precision. 

Ninja Warrior Sword: L0107sg     

You dare not mess with this Ninja. He takes the evil forces head to head and sways his warrior Ninja Sword with great agility.  

Machete: a0121rg

This hardcore Ninja will make you forget all of your machete heroes. He slays all those who do wrong and never gives them mercy. 

Dragon Ninja Sword: a0120rg

This Ninja knows how to protect himself and the weak. Using his Dragon Ninja sword, he is swift with his movements and can beat even the most experienced swordsmen.  

Tang Ninja Sword: m0113ug

This Ninja is not only good at fighting, but he can move pretty fast too. With the use of his Tang Ninja Sword, he kills all those who wrong him.  

Sai: m0112ug

This Ninja's weapon of choice is the three-pronged dagger. He uses his Sai to simultaneously attack and block the advances of his enemy. 


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