Skill Card Codes

Precision: n0105cs           

Precision is everything for this Ninja. He is known among his peers, as "the one who never misses".  

Spearmanship: n0106cs    

This Ninja is a Sojutsu expert. He can beat anyone with his never-seen-before spear techniques.  

Escaping: n0102cs              

This Ninja is very adept at his Intonjutsu skills. Need someone for a quick, in and out mission? He is your man.  

Disguise: n0101cs           

This Ninja is a Hensojutsu master. Disguise is his forte and he is simply unmatched at it.  

Horsemanship: n0104cs   

There is no better horse rider than this Ninja. His mastery over the art of Bajutsu is admirable. 

Flexibility: n0103cs           

His flexibility is unparalleled. He is swift and unpredictable with his moves.  



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