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As seen on Shark Tank! Ninja Cards is the first and only card throwing game in the world!  After being featured on Shark Tank, the game has taken the nation by storm! Ninja Cards was developed by two friends in Southern California after throwing hotel key cards at bottles in their hotel room.  The game comes with a target board and 15 pack of Ninja Cards. You can play games like "Around the World", "Horse", "21" or even make up your own game, the possibilities are endless! This game is rated for ages 12 and up. Don't forget to watch Ninja Cards on Shark Tank this Friday on ABC at 9/8c!

Ninja Cards On Shark Tank CNBC and ABC



This Friday on Shark Tank, the Ninja Cards Card Throwing Game premiers on CNBC and ABC.  Ninja Cards is the first and only card throwing game out on the market and is sure to make a big splash with the sharks on Shark Tank.  The entrepreneurs that created this game are Dustin Berk and Ken Haton.  Dustin is from Irvine, CA and Ken Haton is from Chicago, IL.  This is their first time airing on Shark Tank on CNBC and we all can't wait to see what happens!

This card throwing game that's airing on Shark Tank on CNBC is called Ninja Cards.  The Ninja Cards entrepreneurs went through a ton of different names for their card throwing game and decided that Ninja Cards was the most appropriate title for their game that airs on CNBC and ABC this Friday, October 3rd.  Ken "The Butcher" can apparently throw his Ninja Cards over 100mph and says that he can't be clocked by radar guns because the cards "just won't show up".  The butcher is known for his famous "sidewinder" technique, in which he's posted videos on the Ninja Cards youtube account to show all card throwers how to do several different types of ways to throw cards.  We'll see how much detail The Butcher gets into on Shark Tank when Ninja Cards takes center stage to pitch the sharks on CNBC and ABC on Shark Tank!

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