ABC's Shark Tank Ninja Cards Board

ABC's Shark Tank Ninja Cards Board

This Friday October 3rd, the card throwing game Ninja Cards has it's big debut on Shark Tank on ABC!  Ninja Cards is the first card throwing game ever to air on ABC, so you can imagine the young Ninja Entrepreneurs Ken Haton and Dustin Berk are beyond stoked to have a game that they created in their garage come to fruition on ABC's Shark Tank this Friday at 8/9c!  They are showing off their one of a kind Shark Tank Ninja Card Board which appeals to both kids and adults of all ages. 

Ken Haton, Co-Owner of the game Ninja Cards says that card throwing has been around since the beginning of the 18th Century, but now for the first time ever, there is finally a target board that players can throw their (thicker than) playing cards into a foam board!  This is all happening this Friday on ABC on one of the networks most popular shows, Shark Tank!  ABC will most likely earn the highest ratings that night, beating out their counterparts NBC and CBS.  Shark Tank has been airing on ABC for about 6 seasons now.  It seems that 2014 is going to be the year of the ninja!

You can go to the Ninja Cards website to buy their Ninja Cards Board as seen on Shark Tank on ABC.  The Ninja Cards game comes with a 15 pack of thick plastic ninja throwing cards as well as a 24X24in target board.  You can also purchase the jumbo board, similar to the one shown on ABC's Shark Tank for $149.99.  The Shark Tank ninja entrepreneurs say that the game is perfect for any event.  Whether you're tailgating, throwing a birthday party, or bar mitzvah, this is the perfect game for your guests to play.  Make sure to check out the Ninja Cards Entrepreneurs on Shark Tank this Friday on ABC

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